Cross Trading and Project Cargo


With the rapid growth of international trade in recent years, the ability to move cargo directly between two Countries, without the cargo coming into Singapore, on a Cross Trade basis is becoming ever more important. This ever-growing area of our business is handled smoothly and efficiently in conjunction with our worldwide network of Partners and our own Group offices.

The vast majority of our overseas Partners have been working with us for a considerable period of time, during which good working relationships and no small amount of trust has been developed. Clients can therefore be assured that quality services will always be used whilst maintaining competitive rates.

Another growing area of our business is project and out of gauge cargo. Our staff have knowledge in Break Bulk Liner Agency work and understand all aspects involved in this type of cargo. Additionally, we have solutions in correct packaging requirements in “custom fit builds” relevant to the project cargo needs.


If you have any questions about our international freight products please get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.