Export Packing


Packing is an integral part of the export supply chain – get it wrong and, apart from the issues of damage, insurance claims, the associated administrative costs and the potential loss of business, the lingering perception of the ultimate customer is that it demonstrates a lack of attention to detail by the exporter.

Many exporters are not aware of what happens to their cargoes once they leave their premises or understand the number of times that their cargo may be handled in the course of its journey. Neither do many understand the rigours of the journey the cargoes undergo in their chosen mode of transport, yet all of these facets must be fully understood if the goods are to reach their destination in its original condition.

At ASM Logistics we have a wealth of experience in understanding the movement of goods via all modes across the globe. We understand too, the need to ensure that goods are adequately packed to ensure arrival at destination in the condition the overseas customer expects without the expense of overprotection and now, in association with Good Packing Ltd, we can offer a comprehensive packaging, cargo handling and shipping solution – be it for small high value cargoes for airfreight or bulky/heavyweight cargo with relatively low values moving by road or sea, we have the solutions.


If you have any questions about our international freight products please get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.